Reconstructing Strategy: Dancing with the God of Objectivity

Shortlisted for IndieFab Book of the Year

"For those with an interest in an enlightened and broad view of strategy, Reconstructing Strategy is sure to be a compelling book.” Foreword Reviews

“An intellectual gem.” Professor Chris Coker, London School of Economics

Reconstructing Strategy: Dancing with the God of Objectivity pioneers an approach to strategy based on Dr. Saqib Qureshi’s insight that “self-identity is the prime strategic directive.” Qureshi demonstrates the failures of modern strategy, covering personal strategy, organizational strategy and foreign policy strategy partly through the works of three modern strategists. With examples ranging from Disneyland to the Iranian Revolution, from Jan Morris to Great Britain’s Suez Crisis of 1956, Reconstructing Strategy then demonstrates the power and impact of self-identity on strategy.




A democracy is supposed to reflect the views of its citizens and offer a direct connection between elected and unelected officials and those they serve. So why, more than ever, does it feel like our government exists in its own universe, detached from our concerns? The truth is democracy is no longer performing as we expect, which has left us fed up with a system we no longer trust. Moreover, we don’t have a mechanism to fix what’s broken because there is no incentive for politicians or civil servants to make government more accountable, efficient and representative. This book calls for citizens to reassert their voice in the dialogue of democracy, with suggestions for many easy-to-implement technologies that could make government more accountable, less wasteful and more representative.

“Publication For 2020”