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Impeachment is a Red Herring

Despite the multiple scandals which surround Donald Trump, including abusive comments about women, allegations of sexual harassment, allegations of fraud, incessant and persistent lying, racism - both general and against multiple ethnic and religious groups, conflicts of interest, nepotism, allegations of blackmail and more …

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A Democracy … Without Its Citizens

Modern democracy is an odd thing. This is how it works in Britain.The political parties nominate their candidates for the 650 constituencies, tending to give the folk who they like those contests which are easier to win (known as ‘safe seats’). As a first step, we as citizens don’t choose who stands for election. Political parties do that.

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Despite Recent Diverse Election Wins, the Majority of Western Politicians Are Still White Males

It’s true, the 2018 US mid-term elections were indicative of a more inclusive future in politics, with politicians who actually represent the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of their districts winning. Examples include Jahana Hayes, a former high school teacher elected as the first black woman in Connecticut to the House of Representatives. And then there were Sylvia Garcia and Veronica Escobar, becoming Texas’s first-ever Latina women in Congress.

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